The Darkening Wild

Session 9: Mirkwood the Other Way Round

Taking their leave of the Easterly Inn, the company traveled east, once again taking the elven road through Mirkwood. Near the entrance they encountered a boy, Belgo, running down the path, shouting for help. His father, Baldor, had hired some mercenaries to serve as guards for his wagon of goods for Dale, but they turned on him. The companions arrived just in time, dispatching the bandits and capturing one of them, named Garrick.

Over the course of their journey, Ireth prevailed upon Garrick to share her interest in moral philosophy, and to be a better person. He gave up his banditry and promised to travel to Lake-town and seek gainful employment.

During their journey through Mirkwood, the companions found that their experience and new skills served them well, but Baldor was not so well-equipped. He panicked in the darkness and fled from the path, and Ireth had to track him down and then lead the companions to rescue him from spiders.

They ended their journey once again in the halls of the Elvenking, but unlike last time, they were guests, and spent nearly two months in feasting, merry-making and reverie among the wood-elves.


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