The Darkening Wild

Session 8: The Easterly Inn

Leaving aside the questions of the Gibbet King and the Chain they learned about when scouting out the Dwimmerhorn, the heroes rested and recuperated before returning to Beorn’s House, where Grimbar distributed gifts richly and generously, increasing her standing with that people. One such gift was Diltwiler’s King’s Blade, which she paid to repair and which the smith had completed.

They then journeyed northward, where Diltwiler once again located the forgotten garden of tobacco-plants and harvested the rest of them for his supply. While exploring, they came across the Easterly Inn, run by two Hobbit brothers Dodinas and Dinodas Took and Dindy’s wife Agatha Brandybuck. The inn is Dody’s dream, and Dindy came along, bringing Agatha, who perhaps imagined something different when they set out for Wilderland. Ireth Elanessë carved them a beautiful new sign, and they continued on their way toward the darkness of Mirkwood and, ultimately, the Gathering of Five Armies in Dale.


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