The Darkening Wild

Session 11: The Gathering of Five Armies

During the third day of festivities, Ireth surprised all by achieving the title of Ranger of Dale, one of the most coveted, barely defeating a large group of skilled archers including Mirkwood Elves, men and women of Lake-town, and the elite Royal Guard of Dale.

All four heroes participated in the Grand Melee, and half of them fell to Ennalda, who was the ultimate victor, defeating Elistan after he was weakened by Ermendrud.

At the closing Feast, Ireth shared a rambling toast to start the festivities. Diltwiler presented a riddle for Gandalf. Grimbar sung a short ditty that was not well-received. Ermendrud followed Radagast around, and received a prophetic vision about her future – that she would be cold, surrounded by anger, and would subsequently drown. Grimbar dug into some kind of love triangle between King Bard, queen-apparent Signy, and the visiting Princess of Dorwinion, Runa. Diltwiler spent his time smoking and talking with Bilbo and Gandalf near the high table.

Among the various dignitaries were King Dain Ironfoot, Hartfast of Mountain Hall, the White Wizard Saruman, the elf-lord Glorfindel and elf-lady Imre.

Over the winter, Grimbar sought to relieve the oppressive Shadow through song. Ireth taught some of the poorer folks in Dale woodworking, and gained Oin as a Patron. Diltwiler gained Gandalf as a patron.

News trickled in from the Wide World: a huge man-eating wolf in southern Mirkwood; Woodland Hall without a Lord or Lady for yet another year; Beorn refusing to marry; rumors of a Cold Drake taking up residence in northern Mirkwood; King Thranduil’s melancholy and grief becoming more visible; Imre’s plans to travel to the Grey Havens in the West come spring; Easterling and Wainrider raids in the eastern Iron Hills, encroaching on Dwarven territory.


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