The Darkening Wild

Session 10: Dragontide

The heroes return to Lake-town as part of Thranduil’s entourage and stay for a brief time in town before continuing to Dale for the Gathering of Five Armies. Diltwiler enjoyed living above his means, and the heroes worked together to uncover a ring of child cut-purses employed by a creepy man who received their “take” at night. They captured him and turned him over to the city watch, but not before learning that his employer was a man calling himself the Bandit King, otherwise known by the name Leofric.

Ireth’s horn was stolen by a man dressed as a fox at the masquerade that opened the festivities in Dale, and he was able to elude her in the crowd. She donned a blue cloak and stalked the streets thereafter as the Bluebird Cloak, a largely unsuccessful vigilante.

During the second day of the Gathering, Diltwiler was named Riddlemaster of Dale, defeating Bilbo Baggins in an inspired exchange. Ireth threw herself into the competition for Drunkard of Dale, and won handily before blacking out. Grimbar was able to be named Songbird of Dale – likely the first such songbird ever to be armor-clad. Ermendrud, alas, did not experience a victory.


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