A young, highly skilled swordsman and exile


Osric is clearly naive to the ways of the world. It is equally clear that he is deadly with a sword in his hand.


Osric, orphaned as a young child, was adopted by Helmgut, a warrior living in Stonyford near an eyot in the Anduin River. Helmgut raised him to be a warrior, and Osric was a talented and devoted pupil. He never fit in with the others in the village, but clearly loved (or was obsessed with, some say) his foster-sister Brunhild, Helmgut’s only natural child.

Brunhild married Rathfic, a handsome but cold man from a nearby village, and they built a home next to Helmgut’s. Osric and Rathfic never got along, but one night, villagers were awakened to the sounds of fighting, and found Osric standing over Rathfic, holding a bloody knife in his hand.

Osric was sent north for judgement, escaped, but returned, and helped in the defense of Stonyford against a group of bandits under the red banner of Valder the Bloody. Ennalda, speaking for Beorn himself, judged that Osric would be exiled from Beorning lands, but that he would not be made to pay weregild, as there was some question as to what exactly happened that night.

Osric, his life saved by the intervention of our heroes, made his way to Mountain Hall to see whether he could make a living as a mercenary.


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