Dodinas and Dinodas Took

...and Agatha Brandybuck, but her name doesn't alliterate


Dody and Dindy are brothers who set out from Tuckborough heading east. Dindy brought along his new wife Agatha, despite her better judgment. They met up with a band of traders heading East along the Great Road, over the Mountains and into Wilderland. Tales had spread that the Dragon was dead and that the rivers ran with gold and silver.

Once they arrived in Wilderland, they chose not to cross Mirkwood, but rather built an Inn, which they call the Easterly Inn, near the entrance to the Elven Path. Little did they know, this path would not suddenly become popular, even with the Dragon gone. Mirkwood is still Mirkwood.

And so they run their Inn as best as they can, Dody out front and Dindy in the back and Agatha keeping everything together. This wasn’t her first choice of places to live, but it is the brothers dream to do something like this, and the valley they found is very nice.

Dodinas and Dinodas Took

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