A widow and prominent businesswoman in Lake-town


(Aldis has been combined with Anka)


Anka is the widow of the previous Master of Lake-town, the one thought to have fled into the eastern Wilds with the gold intended for use in rebuilding Lake-town itself. He was never seen alive again, and those who traveled with him said that he likely starved in the wilderness. Fortunately, King Bard was generous enough to lend the town more money.

Anka has a flourishing trade in Dorwinion wines and other luxury goods from Dorwinion and even the lands of far Rhun.

She is also the owner and proprietor of The Perch, a huge inn straddling the line between the Elven Quarter and the Market Quarter of Lake-town.

Diltwyler Whitfoot the Bellowlung has noticed something going on between her and the new Master of Lake-town, Waldemar.


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