The Ainur are powerful beings who took part in creating Middle-Earth in the beginning. They go by various names among various peoples, though for the most part they are not worshipped directly, but more seen as aspects of the world or powerful spirits of nature, with a couple of exceptions.

The Men of Rohan see the Ainu Orome, whom they call Bema as a kind of patron – the huntsman and rider of the Ainur, and though they would not reconize the term “Ainu”, they honor Bema and sometimes swear oaths by his name.

All Elves honor Varda Kementari, Elbereth Gilthoniel in the Sindarin tongue, the Star-Kindler and Queen of the Ainur. Such is her power, even in the Third Age, that calling on her name can strike fear in servants of the Enemy – at least for a moment.

Aside from Orome and Varda there are twelve other Ainur, but their names are for the most part only known to the Wise in the Third Age.


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