Tag: PC


  • Ireth Elanessë

    To put it simply Ireth is a bit of an oddball amongst the Elves of Mirkwood, mostly having kept to herself as a result. It's less that her sanguine personality is at odds with her community -- it's more so her little quirks, such as singing songs about …

  • Diltwyler Whitfoot the Bellowlung

    Diltwyler Whitfoot son of Wyleg Whitfoot, son of Wymran, son of Bwilag, son of Everand Whitfoot, of the Michel Delving Whitfoots. A prominent land owning class of Hobbits who at times have held mayoral positions and are attributed to the keeping of and …

  • Grimbar

    Grimbar lost her sword in a run-in with [[:naur-the-one-ear | a one-eared Orc]] on her way north. She fled north, an exile from her own land, to try and win her fortune in Wilderland.