Tag: Lake Town


  • Gloin

    Gloin is of course wealthy beyond imagining, being one of the original thirteen Dwarves to re-take Erebor. He has a home he maintains in [[Lake-town]] as well as in [[Dale]], and he is of course always welcome in the [[Lonely Mountain | Lonely Mountain]].

  • Ingolf

    Ingolf son of Ingi is a young adult dwarf, probably a distant cousin, who has been brought on by Gloin as Steward to manage his household while he is away, and to act as a servant when he is in Lake-town on diplomatic business as a representative of the …

  • Waldemar

    Master Waldemar took over after his predecessor stole the gold given to them for rebuilding Lake-town and fled into the Wild with it. It is said that he ultimately died of starvation in the trackless wilderness, driven by Dragon-sickness. Since then, …

  • Gynna

    Gloin's wife left him to raise their son Gimli on his own for a time, but returned when Gloin's fortunes changed drastically for the better. Gimli gets his strength from his mother's side, they say.

  • Anka

    Anka is the widow of the previous Master of Lake-town, the one thought to have fled into the eastern Wilds with the gold intended for use in rebuilding Lake-town itself. He was never seen alive again, and those who traveled with him said that he likely …

  • Leofric

    Not much is known about Leofric, except that he was a recipient of the Elvenking's unrivaled hospitality for some time. It is his good fortune that the Fellowship came along when they did and helped him free himself. He left them heading east, back toward …