One of Beorn's Thanes; rules a village near the Eagles' Eyrie


Tor is, like any Beorning, a large dark-haired man. He is one of Beorn’s men, one of his Thanes as some call them who rules a village and the surrounding lands in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, less than a day’s travel from the Eagle’s Eyrie. The village itself grew up around his own long-house, and has come to be known as Torfell.

One of Beorn’s most ambitious men, Tor would like to be known as far more than the Thane who rules a village in the foothills. He is the Thane who negotiated a peace with the Great Eagles for the whole region. He is the giver of gifts to the King of the Eagles. His generosity will be known far and wide, and his praises sung by people of distant lands.


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