Radagast the Brown

A reclusive Wizard, master of shapes, colors and animal-speech


Radagast is a potential Patron for the player-heroes.

He has become Ermendrud‘s patron over the course of the Fellowship’s first Fellowship Phase.

Patron benefit: when spending a Fellowship Phase foraging for herbs, roll the feat die twice and take the preferred result.


“In your travels through the swamps did you happen upon a squirrel? A small red fellow, he should have returned a fortnight ago.”

Radagast is a well-traveled Wizard, though perhaps not so well as Gandalf. He is less cunning than Saruman and less meddlesome than Gandalf, preferring the company of birds and beasts for the most part. He remains a Wizard, however, a member of the White Council, and a foe of the great Enemy.

Radagast the Brown

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