Gloin's shy but fiery older brother


Oin was one of the older members of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, and he and his brother Gloin were like to quarrel regularly. Both were known for their ability to start a fire in almost any conditions. OIn is a bit of a tinker, and since the rebuilding of Dale he has learned a bit of the craft of toy-making for which the city was once famous.

While he will quarrel with his brother, he is otherwise shy and retiring, and similar to his brother in that he can be happily alone for long stretches of time. With the fortune he gained from Smaug, Oin has become the patron of many toy-makers, and he enjoys watching the children play with some of his inventions.

Unlike his younger brother, Oin never married, which is unusual for a first-born, but he simply does not know how to speak to women.


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