Bard III, King of Dale


Patron benefit: as long as you can resupply at Dale during the year, you can use masterwork arrows made by Bard’s royal guardsmen. When shooting them, an archer can roll the feat die twice and take the best result.


Tall, strong and grim, Bard the Bowman was the captain of the guard of Lake-town under the previous Master, and he was the one who loosed the Black Arrow to pierce the heart of Smaug and save the North. From the line of Girion of Dale, Bard was the perfect choice for a new King, and no one questioned his claim to the title.

He is a strong leader and a willful man, and has had to be to oversee the reconstruction of the city. In the meantime, however, there are some who whisper that he is less suited to peace than he is to battle, and that it is past time that he have a Queen, and an heir, so that the line of Girion can be fully restored.

To that end, he has chosen Signy, who is actually a cousin many times removed, to be his bride and Queen. This is widely considered to be a good choice – where Bard is grim and dark, Signy is fair and personable.


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