The Darkening Wild

Session 6: The Shadow of the Dwimmerhorn Part 2


Failing to build up cameraderie and cheer, the fellowship headed south again, re-supplied by Hartfast and following their recollection of what Magric showed them. They promptly became lost. Ireth Elanessë was able to carry Diltwyler Whitfoot the Bellowlung pick-a-back up into a tree for a better vantage point, and he was able to espy the distant shadow of the Dwimmerhorn

Diltwiler went ahead to scout out, finding a rebuilt fortress on a glowering hill, scattered fields tended by slaves, and a well-guarded single entrance. Drawing upon his deep knowledge of holes and their uses, he was able to locate a small tunnel leading into the heart of the fortress. Carefully sneaking in and then up, he overheard a discussion between a Man, an Orc, and a third raspy, sinister voice. They were discussing an attack on the north, and a chain that was also a weapon, but the sinister voice counseled patience and that was the end of the discussion. Dilt determined that the large rectangle blocking his view was in fact a sacrificial altar.

The Fellowship waited for day break and then crept up to free a dozen of the fifty or so slaves held by the Goblins and Orcs of Dwimmerhorn. They killed four Goblins and two Men in the process, and then send the freed slaves north. Dilt led them to the hole and they entered.

Emerging in a stone structure repurposed as a temple of evil, Dilt and Ireth were able to kill a pair of Orc priests with arrows and Dilt’s newly-looted Shadow Blade. In response, a shadow crept over Diltwiler. His weapon was of no avail, and when the great armored shade touched him it burned like ice and weakened him like a wound. He collapsed, but Ireth was able to reach in and drag him away from the shadowy form before it could finish him off. The fellowship fled out the hole and into the Gladden Fields, racing north as quickly as they could. Evading Men and wolves by day and Goblins and wolves by night, they came at last to Hartfast, who took them in and listened as they told their tale.


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