The Darkening Wild

Session 5: The Shadow of the Dwimmerhorn Part 1

Choosing Sides

After a Fellowship Phase spent disbanded, the fellowship came together once again. Debating where to travel, it was decided to head to Mountain Hall, where Lord Hartfast still governs the Woodfolk nearby, along with his sons and grandsons.

The journey to Mountain Hall was delightfully uneventful, but upon arrival, the fellowship found a cold welcome. Hartfast was not impressed with their courtesy, and only Ireth Elanessë’s boasting was able to earn them a place to sleep for the night. They also met up with Osric, working to earn his place among the grim men of the Hall.

Some members of the fellowship offered to help Osric with the night watch, and that night the Goblins of the Misty Mountains attempted to sabotage the storeroom with some kind of bright, hard-to-douse fire. They were killed or driven off, and another guard was found near-drowned and bleeding from a stab-wound. Ermendrud nursed him back to health.

In the morning, Hartfast called upon the fellowship to travel south and investigate disappearances among his folk that have been happening. Most of his men are engaged fighting Goblins and he cannot spare enough to send himself. He also wanted to see the fellowship prove themselves. He sends a trapper, Magric, to serve as guide.

A somewhat disappointing hunter, Magric ultimately proved to be a traitor, abandoning the fellowship in the Gladden Fields just before a Goblin attack. Goblins had chased Verner, an escaped slave, for a day and a half, and he threw himself on the mercy of the fellowship.

Battle was joined, and the four Goblin trackers, two Great Wolves, and one big Orc were dispatched with minimal injuries. After interrogating one of the Goblin trackers, the fellowship learned that south of them is Dwimmerhorn, an ancient fortress of Men that is no inhabited by Goblins, Orcs, slaves, and something called the Gibbet King. The Goblin tracker was then killed while attempting to escape.

In a rage, Ireth chased down Magric and beat him unconscious. He was dragged back to camp and also interrogated. By which I mean tortured, by Ireth. He revealed more information about the Dwimmerhorn, and named the Gibbet King.

The fellowship brought Verner and Magric back to Mountain Hall for recovery and summary judgement respectively, and have made plans to head south once again and investigate the Dwimmerhorn for themselves. Meanwhile, Hartfast will be calling as many men as he can together for a possible attack to liberate the slaves still held there.

Osric, as a break from his labor at Mountain Hall, was sent East to seek out Radagast and inform him of what is happening.


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