The Darkening Wild

Session 3: Two Kings

The Hospitality of Elves and Eagles

In which our heroes enjoyed the fabled hospitality of King Thranduil, having failed to be sufficiently courteous, and were later able to escape with the help of Ireth Elanessë‘s charms, Diltwyler Whitfoot the Bellowlung’s silent feet, and the selective neglect of a certain Prince.

Following that, they were able to sample the delights of northern Mirkwood, including the local fauna, the inedible food, tenuous path, suffocating air and night-dark boughs.

A leisurely trip down the Vales of Anduin brought them to an encounter with Thane Tor and then with Gwaihir the Windlord, and an agreement was negotiated between the Great Eagles and the Woodmen of the western vales, such that sheep would be provided at set times, in order to sate avian hunger and bring peace between peoples.

At close, a month or so was spent in the House of Beorn, during which our heroes shed the clinging gloom of Mirkwood through the creation of song and works of beauty.


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