The Darkening Wild

Session 2: Cannibals are the WORST

The Marsh-dwellers

After fighting that troll off and getting sufficient rest, we continued to make our way through Mirkwood. Grimmy was still sore from fighting, and Dilt… well… still all bruised up from when I shot him out of that gallowsweed thing (sorry, man), but all in all we were doing alright and making decent enough time.

While making our way through the forest, I went to scout ahead and see if I could spot anything from the tree tops. That’s when I saw and heard this weird bell… and then I really wanted to go to it. My stupid friends tried to stop me, though… but I guess if Ermendrud hadn’t snapped me out of it I would’ve drowned in a lake the bell was pulling me towards. Thanks, Ermie!

We made our way around the body of water standing in our way and ended up finding an abandoned village. We found the ruined bell tower, made some torches, and proceeded down into an underground complex. It seemed fairly well traveled and lived in, and there was totally poop in the corner, which is NOT okay.

Almost immediately after finding ourselves there we were lucky and ended up finding the dwarves right away in a nearby room. They looked starved and like they’d been down there for ages, but before we could get the poor lil’ guys out of there some weird cannibal things started approaching us and saying they’d eat us. Even though we kicked some of their asses, more and more kept coming, which is when I decided to give them our food so they could leave us alone and we could leave in peace. Dilt wasn’t too happy about that…

The trip back was thankfully not as stressful as meeting the cannibals. Dilt was sour about ditching the food, but oh well he’d get over it. I didn’t know hobbits could be so… sour. I thought only dwarves were sour!

We eventually made it back to Laketown with the dwarves, who helped vouch for us when we offered to take on the dwarves’ mission instead. Their word, combined with my stories of spider-slaying, helped convince Gloin to give us the job.

Now we’ll just have to make our way through the Elf Road and… I’m not gonna lie. I’m feeling a little nervous about this one. Thranduil is kind of a dick.


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